Digital Radiography

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One of the most important diagnostic tools available to a veterinarian is radiology or x-ray technology. Oasis Veterinary Hospital has a modern radiology system as a means to provide the most advanced care available for our patients.

A radiograph or x-ray allows our doctor to take a type of photograph of the inside of the body and determine information that cannot be seen from the outside of your pet. X rays can help our doctor see bones in the event of a possible fracture or break, as well as evaluation of internal organs including the heart, lungs and abdomen. Radiography can also help our doctors diagnose arthritis in older pets, locate tumors, as well as determine size of organs, which can be beneficial in determining disease.

Modern x-ray systems, like those at Oasis Veterinary Hospital, use extremely small amounts of radiation and are very safe for our pets. Radiographs are non-invasive, meaning they cause no pain to your dog or cat and provides information needed to begin treatment for your pet. We have years of experience in using x-rays to diagnose issues in pets, and you can rely on Oasis Veterinary Hospital to take the greatest care available for your furry friend as well.